Leaf Circles Pattern on Pink 100% Organic Cotton Fabric, 140cm/55in wide, Sold Per HALF Metre

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This fabric is 100% cotton with a soft handle and good durability. There are no chemicals or pesticides used in the production of organic cotton fabric, this makes it safer to harvest, safer to wear and it is much more eco-friendly. This fabric is ideal for any type of dress making or tailoring and can also be used in quilts.

Approximately 140cm (55in) wide, sold per half metre (50cm/19.5in), if you would like more than half a metre then enter number of halves required and it will be supplied in a continuous piece as follows:

QTY 1: 50cm x 140cm (19.5in x 55in)

QTY 2: 1mtr x 140cm (39in x 55in)

QTY 3: 1.5mtr x 140cm (58.5in x 55in)

QTY 4: 2mtr x 140cm (78in x 55in) etc...

Washing Instructions: Manufacturer says: 30 degree machine wash. Medium tumble-dry. We strongly recommend testing a small piece first to be sure.

Composition: 100% Cotton, Organic

Weight: 140gsm (approx.)

Please note that we have tried to recreate the colours as accurately as possible, due to difference in screen and monitor resolution, colours may vary slightly from that shown.